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“Participation, Not Predestination!” National Initiative

A national citizens’ initiative “Participation, Not Predestination!” was constituted by participants in the “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria“ International Conference, held on 25th and 26th February in Sofia. The initiative aims to propose amendments of the Law on Direct Participation of the Citizens in National and Local Governance in order to remove the greatest […]

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“Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” Conference Held in Sofia

The Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Citizens Initiative brought together initiative committees of local and national referendums and petitions, civil rights activists, constitutionalists and politicians from Bulgaria, Switzerland and Germany at a conference entitled “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” on February 26 in Sofia. “The introduction of a working system of direct decision-making […]


Ridiculous: 2,187 Days Needed to Transfer Slavi’s Show Petition

At the “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” Conference, Yordan Ginev, IT expert and business associate, related his experience of transferring the petition of Slavi’s Show in electronic form. Being an advocate of the petition ideas, he undertook to copy the personal data from the signed papers into electronic tables. This task proved nearly as […]


Bulgaria to decide on e-voting*

Next Sunday, on 25 October 2015, Bulgaria will hold a plebiscite on e-voting. Citizens will be asked one single question, i.e. “Do you support the idea to be able to vote from a distance, electronically at elections and referendums?” The popular vote will be taken as a result of President Rosen Plevneliev’s initiative. Originally, the […]

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International Democracy Day on September 15 in the village of Negushevo

On the International Day of Democracy on September 15 our Bulgarian-Swiss team which is working to improve legislation for referendums, visited the village of Negushevo, Gorna Malina municipality, where they had their photo taken with the only monument in Bulgaria on direct democracy built in honor of the successful local referendum against opening a stone […]


Measured was the attitude towards the upcoming referendum in Bulgaria

Sociological agency “Median” published results of its own survey of public opinion and political attitudes conducted in the country during the month of June. It included questions on the upcoming referendum on the electoral reform. Here are the findings of the agency in response on the referendum: Expectations that a possible referendum (with the local […]

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Judiciary Committee approved the referendum of the president Plevneliev

Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs approved days ago the proposal for a national referendum with the questions of the president Rosen Plevneliev, namely: Are you in favor of MPs to be elected majority? 2. Do you support the introduction of compulsory voting in the elections and national referendums? 3. Do you support to be able to […]

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Proposed referendum in Kardzhali, Bulgaria

At the beginning of July in the City Council – Kardzhali was officially submitted a proposal for  a referendum, reported the newsppaper New life. Initiators are the councilors of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (7) in Kardzhali. They offer a vote on the following question: “Do you support the establishment of Kardzhali in a separate municipality?”. […]


“First Private referendum” in Kyustendil, Bulgaria?

On 5 July – the day of the Greek referendum, Kyustendil also conducted a survey among its citizens. The main question was pointed towards the candidacy of the mayor Petar Paunov on wether he should have a new mandate this fall. Paunov got 5147 votes “yes” and 192 “against” (Eligible voters in the municipality are […]


500 signatures to the finish line in Samokov

The Initiative committee against the “Establishment of regional landfill PI 65231.915.100 with total area of 327 024 m2 near the town of Samokov” is now on its final stage of collecting signatures to trigger a local referendum. The aim is to change the place of regional landfill. Still missing about 500 signatures in support of […]