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“Participation, Not Predestination!” National Initiative

A national citizens’ initiative “Participation, Not Predestination!” was constituted by participants in the “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria“ International Conference, held on 25th and 26th February in Sofia. The initiative aims to propose amendments of the Law on Direct Participation of the Citizens in National and Local Governance in order to remove the greatest […]


Ridiculous: 2,187 Days Needed to Transfer Slavi’s Show Petition

At the “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” Conference, Yordan Ginev, IT expert and business associate, related his experience of transferring the petition of Slavi’s Show in electronic form. Being an advocate of the petition ideas, he undertook to copy the personal data from the signed papers into electronic tables. This task proved nearly as […]

плаж бургас

A petition: “Do not touch the Evin beach” in Burgas, Bulgaria

The nudist beach in Bourgas is in danger of moving to a remote location because of the concessionaire plans “Correct-Mladenova” Ltd. to use the terrain to create entertainment places. More than 200 women in Burgas made a petition in defense of the Evin beach. The initiators Elena Mavrova, Diana Ilieva and Tatiana Karagyozova delivered the […]


A petition against the destruction of the Danube bank, Ryahovo, Ruse

People of Ryahovo are complaining against digging gravel from the bottom of the Danube outside the designated perimeter. They are worried that because of unregulated activities Danube beach has decreased dramatically and in the river appeared huge pits each 3-4 meters deep. And a year ago the coast near Ryahovo a project for half a […]


Irresponsible actions of the institutions on the Samokov’s petition

The Initiative Committee on convening a referendum on a planned landfill in the municipality of Samokov delivered on June 16, the City Council a petition with 4123 signatures in support of the referendum. Upon verification of signatures, it appeared that the verifing body has filed  wrong instructions to the Steering Committee and as a result […]

ruse steet fitnes

Sport petitions in Ruse and Teteven

A petition “Ruse wants sites for Street fitness ” was carried out by the Facebook group in Ruse and presented to the mayor on 20th of June. Organizers have collected 3082 signatures in support of the idea. At a meeting with them Mayor Stoilov said that he personally signed the petition in the proposal and […]