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Bulgaria to decide on e-voting*

Next Sunday, on 25 October 2015, Bulgaria will hold a plebiscite on e-voting. Citizens will be asked one single question, i.e. “Do you support the idea to be able to vote from a distance, electronically at elections and referendums?” The popular vote will be taken as a result of President Rosen Plevneliev’s initiative. Originally, the […]

Daniela Bozhinova

Direct democracy fell victim to partisan haggling in the National Assembly

The prepared democratic changes in the referendum law fell victims to the offensive tactic of the political party of GERB for raising a parliamentary majority for changes in the judicial system. Said majority relies on some close frienships with the party of DPS and that party being “the guarantor of our European orientation” do not like […]


The assessment of the OSCE parliamentary elections 2014 – Bulgaria is ready

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe(OSCE), which regularly monitors the electoral process in Bulgaria published its latest monitoring report on the parliamentary elections -2014. In them participated 3,500,585 voters (51.1%). International observers noted an excessively high percentage of invalid ballots – 6.2 percent or 218,125 and advised the Central Election Commission to analyse the […]