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Bulgaria to decide on e-voting*

Next Sunday, on 25 October 2015, Bulgaria will hold a plebiscite on e-voting. Citizens will be asked one single question, i.e. “Do you support the idea to be able to vote from a distance, electronically at elections and referendums?” The popular vote will be taken as a result of President Rosen Plevneliev’s initiative. Originally, the […]


Electronic summons in Bulgarian courts

Effective system of electronic summons will introduce the Supreme Judicial Council with a special project supported by the Norwegian programme. The project aims to achieve practical implementation of electronic summons, which otherwise is provided as an option in our legislation. Before starting the project rules on the servicing of electronic summons were also developed in 95% […]

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The First Forum on e-Democracy in Bulgaria

In Burgas on 29th and 30th May was held the First forum for e-democracy in Bulgaria. The event was opened by the Regional Governor Vylcho Cholakov, who declared the serious commitment of the Reformators block in the pariament towards e-government. The forum was attended Katrin Jakobsdottir, MP from the Icelandic parliament and until recently a Minister of […]



              If European Citizens Initiative works for a third year in Bulgaria and throughout the European Union, why not use its mechanism for the citizens’ proposals also for the Bulgarian institutions like for a  National Citizens’ Initiative? What’s the attractive part? Primarily that the collection of supporters becomes on-line […]

Project: E-democracy – practices of Iceland, visions of Bulgaria

From 22nd to 24th of  October in Burgas, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo were conducted public hearings and discussions on the topic of “E-democracy – practices of Iceland, visions of Bulgaria“. Examples of electronic constitutional process, e-budgeting and others were given, from Iceland presented the guests Smart McCarthy, innovator, founder of the Pirate Party in Iceland […]