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“Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” Conference Held in Sofia

The Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Citizens Initiative brought together initiative committees of local and national referendums and petitions, civil rights activists, constitutionalists and politicians from Bulgaria, Switzerland and Germany at a conference entitled “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” on February 26 in Sofia. “The introduction of a working system of direct decision-making […]


Bulgaria to decide on e-voting*

Next Sunday, on 25 October 2015, Bulgaria will hold a plebiscite on e-voting. Citizens will be asked one single question, i.e. “Do you support the idea to be able to vote from a distance, electronically at elections and referendums?” The popular vote will be taken as a result of President Rosen Plevneliev’s initiative. Originally, the […]


Third European Citizenship Initiative reaches its final stage

At the beginning of March, the European Commission has officially received 1,173,130 valid signatures under the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Stop vivisection.” This initiative aims to phase out animal testing. This is the third proposal for civil law, that has reached the European Commission through the ECI. From 1st of April 2012, when ECI started […]