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“Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” Conference Held in Sofia

The Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Citizens Initiative brought together initiative committees of local and national referendums and petitions, civil rights activists, constitutionalists and politicians from Bulgaria, Switzerland and Germany at a conference entitled “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” on February 26 in Sofia. “The introduction of a working system of direct decision-making […]


Ridiculous: 2,187 Days Needed to Transfer Slavi’s Show Petition

At the “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” Conference, Yordan Ginev, IT expert and business associate, related his experience of transferring the petition of Slavi’s Show in electronic form. Being an advocate of the petition ideas, he undertook to copy the personal data from the signed papers into electronic tables. This task proved nearly as […]

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The First Forum on e-Democracy in Bulgaria

In Burgas on 29th and 30th May was held the First forum for e-democracy in Bulgaria. The event was opened by the Regional Governor Vylcho Cholakov, who declared the serious commitment of the Reformators block in the pariament towards e-government. The forum was attended Katrin Jakobsdottir, MP from the Icelandic parliament and until recently a Minister of […]