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“Participation, Not Predestination!” National Initiative

A national citizens’ initiative “Participation, Not Predestination!” was constituted by participants in the “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria“ International Conference, held on 25th and 26th February in Sofia. The initiative aims to propose amendments of the Law on Direct Participation of the Citizens in National and Local Governance in order to remove the greatest […]

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“Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” Conference Held in Sofia

The Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Citizens Initiative brought together initiative committees of local and national referendums and petitions, civil rights activists, constitutionalists and politicians from Bulgaria, Switzerland and Germany at a conference entitled “Making Direct Democracy Work in Bulgaria” on February 26 in Sofia. “The introduction of a working system of direct decision-making […]


Bulgarian parliament continues the debate on direct participation

The second reading of the amendments to the direct participation of citizens in government and local government started with a debate on whether not to include an explicit statement about referendums that there cannot be referendums on basic constitutional rights. The occasion was the unclear proposal for change in the law made by MP Georgi Kadiev […]

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Proposed referendum in Kardzhali, Bulgaria

At the beginning of July in the City Council – Kardzhali was officially submitted a proposal for  a referendum, reported the newsppaper New life. Initiators are the councilors of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (7) in Kardzhali. They offer a vote on the following question: “Do you support the establishment of Kardzhali in a separate municipality?”. […]


Unprecedented “recall” of the Municipal Council

The Municipal Council of Pavel Banya, Bulgaria was dismissed by a decision of the Municipal Election Commission (MEC) days ago. The reason is that the local government has not acted more than three months, as required by the Local Government and Local Administration. Councillors called the decision of the MEC sabotage. In response, quoted by […]

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Round Table – European/ Bulgarian Citizens’ Initiative

Event: Round Table “The European Citizens Initiative and Perspectives of National E-initiative in Bulgaria” Venue: House of Europe, Rakovski Str 124, Sofia (the information bureau of the European Parliament) From 15.00 until 17.00 h, 29 April The event will have 2 parts as the heading shows: 1) ECI – 3 years after the start – […]


Electronic identification in Bulgaria – finally!

On 27th of March this year a long-awaited legislation – a draft law on electronic identification, was posted on the website of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. With this a public debate on the law is open. With its entry into force a serious obstacle for the development of e-government in Bulgaria will be […]


The assessment of the OSCE parliamentary elections 2014 – Bulgaria is ready

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe(OSCE), which regularly monitors the electoral process in Bulgaria published its latest monitoring report on the parliamentary elections -2014. In them participated 3,500,585 voters (51.1%). International observers noted an excessively high percentage of invalid ballots – 6.2 percent or 218,125 and advised the Central Election Commission to analyse the […]


Samokov against a waste disposal site

After Radomir and Kaspichan which at the end of 2014. held referendums regarding ecologically dangerous investment projects, Samokov also took the path of the local referendum. Newly formed Civil Initiative Committee informed the Mayor on 16 March that they are starting to  collect signatures to convene a referendum with a question about a change in […]


The saga of the referendum on electoral reform CONTINUES

The Supreme Administrative Court ruled on 15 January that the case concerning the referendum on electoral reform is not within its jurisdiction.  the Supreme Administrative Court refer the case to the Administrative court – Sofia city. The lawsuit was filed late last year on an appeal of the Initiative Committee, headed by prof. D. Bliznashki. Subject […]