Completed projects

Project “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” – 2014

Popularization of unfamiliar practices of citizen participation from the United States

With the participation of alumni of educational and scientific programs of the US

With the support of the US Embassy in Bulgaria

 In the second half of 2014 BAPCI accomplished a small project to introduce to the Bulgarian public some little-known models and practices of citizen participation in governance and public life in the US. An organized travelling seminar was presented in 6 places in the country. Topics were: Direct participation in governance in the United States through a referendum, initiative and recall, Self-governance in American schools – participation of the parents and the local community, non-governmental sector – mechanisms to provide internal pressure in the process of foreign policy decisions in the United States, Thanksgiving and the culture of appreciation, The Election Day in the US – media campaigns, ballot. Mid-term elections in 2014 and others.

Key speakers and moderators were Daniela Bozhinova from BAPCI, Todor Yalamov – Center for the Study of Democracy, Prof. Dr. Angelina Markovska – Veliko Tarnovo University, prof.Penka Angelova – University of Ruse and the “Elias Canetti”.

AB30459The name “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” was chosen as a reminder of President Abraham Lincoln (the author of this phrase). The year if 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of his death.




On the photos: moments of the traveling seminar – Varna (Varna Radio) and Ruse (Kanev Center), December 2014


Summaries of lectures on direct democracy in the US, involvement of parents and the community in the management of American School and others, can be found by downloading the file: summaries-lectures