Our achievements

New park in Burgas

By implementing the EU program PHARE/SMAEP we successfully improved 4000 m² of space using the territory between the buildings in the living compleks ‘Izgrev’, Burgas. There we built two children’s playgrounds, a parking, a green belt and a small park. Construction work was performed by ex-miners who had been retrained for the purpose. The initiative remains the only development project implemented by a non-governmental organization in Burgas.


Accessibility of the urban environment

Since 2003 we are continuously turning the focal point of attention of the public,  including the expert design community, to the question of the environmental accessibility for people with disabilities. Our input on the topic were two ramps (in front of the Youth center and on building 28 in the  living compleks of ‘Izgrev’). We also prepared construction plans for accessibility on five public buildings.


Program for small development projects

On the base of our research on the best small development projects in the country we created a municipality program and managed to accomplish a decision t from the Municipal Council in Burgas (2007) for implementing it in the municipality. The program is still working for a third year in a row.


First lawsuit for the right to information

That happened in Burgas and also the first success regarding the annulment of an implied refusal, from the Mayor of Burgas, to give access to public information under the law for Access to Public Information. (2006)


National award for contribution to the right to information

We were awarded in 2009 by the Program  “Access to Information”.


 First cross-border forums with Turkey

Organized during the years of 2005 and 2006 with the participation of mayors, councilors, media and NGOs from the European part of Turkey. These forums preceded the opening of the European programs for cross-border region of Bulgaria and Turkey. We believe that the work we’ve done, creating business partnerships,  far exceed the efforts of some of the old organizations which were traditionally working in the field of Bulgarian-Turkish relations, like trade and industrial associations.


First National Meeting

On the topic of “Sea dimensions of Bulgaria’s joining the EU” with the participation of representatives of the maritime economy and fishermen from Balchik to Sozopol, initiated in 2005.


We were the first and the only one who celebrated the 70th anniversary of women gaining voting rights  in Bulgaria. For the occation we organized a national conference in 2007, Bourgas.


We were the coordinator of Bulgaria for the campaign oft the 100 NGOs from EU for the European Citizenship Initiative and with the signatures we gathered in support of this instrument of direct democracy in the EU we were placed 5th of the all Member States.


Our contribution to the improvement of legislation for referendums and direct democracy

In 2009 – promoting the introduction of instruments for direct participation of citizens in governance: referendum, citizens’ initiative and initiative for recall of elected officials.


Memorandum for interaction the Municipality of Burgas and NGOs

Based on the idea and advocacy of our organization  2007 was marked the beginning of the institutionalization of the relationship between the civil sector and the local authorities in Burgas Municipality.


We have contributed to the creation of the first mechanism for co-financing of NGO projects from the municipal budget – this mechanism has been included as a requirement in the Memorandum between the Municipality and NGOs.


Day of NGOs from Bourgas and the region

It was conducted thanks to our idea and our financing during 2002 and 2003.


We engaged ourselves with  hot issues, such as the Burgas-Alexandroupolis petrol pipeline, where we created a common platform with Greek nature-activists and human rights activists for defending the rights of the people living in municipalities along the pipeline.


We have contributed towards the citizens activity during the referendums in Bourgas and Pomorie, thanks to the specially issued and distributed materials with  information and informative meetings.


We have contributed to the success of the referendum in the village of Izvor in August 2009  by providing critical information and increasing the participation on the day of the referendum.


We held the first public monitoring of local authorities in Burgas (2009). The critical report with recommendations was met with strong media response. Complying with our recommendations for the web pages of the municipality and its information policy, led to the the awarding the Municipality of Burgas with the “Golden Key” for a good website in 2010 by the Program “Access to Information”.