Project “Enhancing E-democracy in Bulgaria Learning from Iceland”

The project is funded under the program for support of NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009 -2014.


International Modern Media Institute, Iceland
Burgas Free University, Bulgaria

Financing Contract №65, NGO Programme of EEA
Indicative grant: EUR 43310.00
Implementation period: 13.03.2014-13.07.2015

The project addresses the need for more democracy and citizen participation via modern information and communication technology (ICT). The project aims at enhancing e-democracy in Bulgaria based on best experience from Iceland and other frontrunner countries. It will attempt to raise citizens’ and decision-makers’ awareness about e-voting, e-referenda, e-consulting, e-petitioning, e-budgeting and other forms and instruments for inclusive policy-making. The project will start with assessment of current status of e-democracy in Bulgaria. Special attention will be paid to the implementation of the European Citizens Initiative as the first digital transnational instrument for citizens participation. A 3-day study visit to Iceland will help identify e-participation best models and experience and help develop a vision for the future of e-democracy in Bulgaria.  A Green Paper on e-democracy will be outlined and consulted publicly in 4 location in Bulgaria as well as online. Next, an international conference on e-democracy will be held in Bourgas. Finally, a citizen/expert e-democracy advocacy network will be set up. The project will benefit the NGOs, ICT experts, informal citizen groups, public decision-makers and the media.


pdf-icon Доклад за Исландия