Project “Improving the legislative environment Direct Democracy Legal instruments Through Bulgarian-Swiss Partnership”


Bulgarian-Swiss citizen and expert team will evaluate existing legislative obstacles for local and national referendums and other forms of direct participation in Bulgaria and will develop proposals to overcome them. After public consultation will be finalized a Green Paper of direct participation. It will be available on the Bulgarian legislators to make necessary changes to improve the legal and organizational conditions for direct participation of citizens in the government. The Green Paper will serve as a platform for civil action to defend the right of referendum, based on the platform a network of like-minded promoters and organizers of the referendum will be created.

Partner: Center for Democracy Aarau – an interdisciplinary research institute of the University of Zurich.
Financing Contract N PF 022-025, Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme
Indicative Grant: CHF 89266,62 (up to 90% of project cost)
Implementation period: 06.13.2014 – 13.10.2015

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Project Outputs:


Report on the State of the Direct Decision-Making Legislation and Practice

Local Referendums Fact Sheet 2000-2014

Handout about the project and the project team

Presentation Magdalena Forowicz Direct Democracy – The Swiss Experience

Initiatives and Referendums in Switzerland Handout Material

Recommendations for Improvement of the Initiative and Referendum Legislation