15 years access to public information


The law on access to public information has turned 15 years (promulgated on July 7, 2000). Our colleagues from the program “Access to Information” commemorated the occasion with a special press conference. During those years, the law has become an important tool for public pressure for transparent and accountable governance and AIP lawyer and expert in hundreds of cases of seeking public information from citizens, media, companies, etc., including litigation. Access to information is the basis of the exercising all human rights and good governance.

In 2004 Daniela Bozhinova, Chairperson of the Bulgarian association for the promotion citizens initiative started the first case in Burgas for access to public information. The case wanted a repeal of the silent refusal of the mayor of Burgas for information. The case was won in all instances, which pointed the begining of the implementation of the requirements of the law in the activities of the Municipality.

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