A petition: “Do not touch the Evin beach” in Burgas, Bulgaria

плаж бургас

The nudist beach in Bourgas is in danger of moving to a remote location because of the concessionaire plans “Correct-Mladenova” Ltd. to use the terrain to create entertainment places. More than 200 women in Burgas made a petition in defense of the Evin beach. The initiators Elena Mavrova, Diana Ilieva and Tatiana Karagyozova delivered the petition to the District Governor on July 9 in the presence of the journalist Georgi Nikolov from the local Channel 0.

The nudist beach exists in its present location for over 80 years. It is part of the beach “Atanasovska hair,” 235 meters long. The site has specific black sand with therapeutic properties, which is one of the main reasons for women to protest against the relocation of the Evin beach.

As for nudist’s beaches in the world, called in English “women-only beaches”, such were created in recent years and in places where there has not been any before – for example, in the United Arab Emirates, some resorts in Turkey, Italy and France. Apparently, many women insist on a place part of the waterfront, where to expose their bodies to the sun without being disturbed. The tranquility part of the beaches “for women only” in no case does exclude but rather implies even more beach services and infrastructure, which the concessionaire can turn into good money.

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